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What is Perkytails about?

We're focused on rewarding smarter & healthier. Our products are created to not only be yummy but to also help promote your pet's health! We believe in being proactive & taking preventive steps to keep them perky!

What are functional treats?

They are not your regular treats! They are carefully fortified with ingredients to promote specific aspects of your pet's health. Eg. Glucosamine in our Hip Hip Hooray treat to promote mobility in your pup

How and where are your products made?

All our products are developed with the help of nutritionists and vets. Our treats are made in USA & in FDA registered facilities. We chose to produce our products in the US for access to high quality ingredients and safe manufacturing practices

Are your products for cats or for dogs?

Each product would state clearly both on the label & on our "shop" page as to whether they are for dogs, cats or both. We're working on launching our cat line soon (p.s: they are just a little fussier than pups and we want to get it right!)

I'm located in Singapore. Where can I buy your products?

Right here. Our products are available to our Singapore pups via our online store! Order and we'll get it shipped to you as soon as possible!

I'm located outside of Singapore. Where can I buy your products?

We're on Amazon US. We're also working on international shipping directly from our site.

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Why do I not see your products in pet stores?

We thrive to bring you high quality, premium products your pet deserves at an affordable price. We chose a direct to consumer model to be able to do so.

Why do you have such a small range of products?

There's a lot of product development going on at Perkytails. Our products are carefully developed & formulated to ensure it's not only healthy but also yummy. This does mean the process is long but it also means we're extremely proud of each product we put out. More will come!

What other products will you have?

Our plan is simple. We focus on categories : Hips'n Joints, Skin 'n Coat, Digestive, Immunity & Calming. Our products will range from functional treats to supplement chews.

What ingredients are good for our pets?

Check out our Ingredients page. We explain some of the most important ingredients that are beneficial to supplementing your pet's diet.

Ask away ...

My pet is on other medications. Can they consume your treats?

Our products are intended to be used in tandem with a healthy regular diet. However, to avoid any possible adverse reaction, please consult your vet!

What's the shelf life of your products and how should I store them?

Our products have clear expiry dates & storage instructions on each of them. Expiry date is at least >6mths.

My pet's very cute and loves your product

Please tag us on instagram or send us a photo, we love getting photos of your lovely pets. It brightens our days!

Are there subscriptions to automate shipments?

We're working on it! Join our newsletter so we can update you on new products & happenings.

We would like to collaborate

Please contact us :) . We don't bite!

Your FAQs did not answer my questions

We are sorry :(...please send your question in via our contact us page